Margo Ryerkerk is the author of the Nocturnal Academy series, the Cursed Fairy Tale series, and the Dark Legacy series.

The Nutcracker Curse, Book 1 in the Cursed Fairy Tale Series

4 realms.

Break the curse.

Or turn into a nutcracker.

Princess Clara thought she knew the main threat to her freedom.

She was wrong.

At seventeen years old, Clara isn’t ready to marry, and yet that’s what she must do as the crown princess of Austria.

However, getting to know the foreign princes visiting her kingdom becomes the least of Clara’s worries when she touches a bespelled nutcracker and unleashes a deadly curse. She has twelve days to feed the nutcracker the magical nut Crackatook. If she fails, her soul will become trapped inside the toy for all eternity and her body will turn to wood.

Instead of relying on her suitors or the king’s men to find the cure, Clara saddles her unicorn and sneaks out of the palace. Her childhood friend Philip notices her leaving and makes her choose between returning to the castle or allowing him to come along.

Reluctantly, Clara agrees to him joining her, and soon, they are off to lands filled with mythical creatures.

Will they survive all trials and find the Crackatook in time? Or will Clara’s soul become trapped in the nutcracker and her body turn to wood?

Filled with adventure, love, magic, and a strong heroine, this clean YA Fairy Tale is the perfect festive read!

If you like K.M Shea, Melanie Cellier, and Kiera Cass, you’ll love this!

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The Bluebeard Curse, Book 2 in the Cursed Fairy Tale Series

A devastating curse. 

A broken soul. 

A fearless girl. 

After finding his sister crouched over their dead parents’ bodies, Nolan turns her in. To cope with his crippling loss, he seeks to forget his sorrows in revelries. But trying to escape his life only creates more problems when two girls, last seen with him, drown.

Unable to bear the town’s accusations, Nolan flees his home.

Five years later, he’s forced to return to the city that calls him Bluebeard and accept his count title. His welcome is anything but warm, friends treat him with suspicion, and the worst is yet to come…

Jolie knows servants shouldn’t interact with nobility, but there’s something about Nolan Bluebeard that makes it impossible to stay away even if being close to him jeopardizes everything she has worked so hard for.

While Nolan desperately tries to rebuild his reputation with Jolie’s help, a devastating curse has women around him falling dead one by one.

Will Nolan and Jolie break the curse, or will they die trying?

The Bluebeard Curse is the second book in the Cursed Fairy Tales series. Each book can be read as a standalone. However, for greatest enjoyment, the novels should be read in order.

Filled with adventure, love, magic, and a strong heroine, this clean YA Fairy Tale is a must-read!

If you enjoyed The Siren and the Selection by Kiera Cass, K.M. Shea and Melanie Cellier’s work, you’ll love this!

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The Hansel and Gretel Curse, Book 3 in the Cursed Fairy Tale Series


A vicious witch.

A dark curse.

A lost kingdom.

After a mysterious woman comes to Gretel’s village, her brother Hansel disappears without a trace. Gretel soon discovers that the traveling beauty wasn’t just any woman, but a wicked witch who steals willpowers, transforming humans into slaves.

Determined to rescue Hansel, Gretel ventures into the lair of the witch, the Black Forest, swearing she’ll either leave with her brother or die trying.

An evil force has befallen General Stefan’s kingdom. The evil witch of the Black Forest is poisoning the royal family and the whole country. She must be brought to justice.

Cloaked in spells, the witch’s forest has consumed countless soldiers and only permits one solider to enter at a time. Unable to bring his army, Stefan must fight this battle alone. Or so he thinks until he meets Gretel. The willful redhead is an unlikely partner and his only ally.

Together, Stefan and Gretel must overcome countless obstacles and trials as well as untangle their terrifying romantic feelings for each other.

Will Stefan and Gretel find a way to outsmart the witch or will they lose their lives and everything they care about?

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Dark Legacy, Book 1 in the Dark Legacy Series

Magic. Romance. And a fight to the death.

On her eighteenth birthday, Sierra discovers her life is one big web of lies. Her father has kept her in the dark about her supernatural powers and the demanding destiny that awaits her. When he is brutally murdered, Sierra must leave behind her normal life and enter a world of magic where danger lurks around every corner and a friend can turn into a foe within a heartbeat.

To stand a chance of survival, Sierra must learn to control her new telekinetic powers before her father’s killers find her. In Savannah, she meets magic-user Gavin, a man that is equal parts stubborn, handsome, and mysterious. After she convinces him to train her, they enter a shaky alliance, neither trusting the other fully.

Just as Sierra is coming to terms with her new life, corpses begin to show up all over Savannah. And Sierra fears she’s next…

Dive into Dark Legacy, the first book in the YA paranormal Ardere series, a gripping adventure filled with magic, mystery, and romance.

If you enjoyed The Mortal Instruments, Sookie Stackhouse, and Vampire Diaries, you’ll love this YA paranormal fantasy!

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Mirror Sacrifice, Book 2 in the Dark Legacy series

When the past and the present collide,

Hearts will be shattered,

Lives will be lost.

Sierra Reeves travels to London, ready to embrace her supernatural Fluidus heritage. In addition to training, she has to assert her place among the snobbish elite and decide what to do about Gavin as he grows more distant and teams up with his ex on a mission.

To prove she’s worthy of the Fluidus title, Sierra trains harder than ever with Cooper, who tasked with protecting her, soon becomes more.

But matters of the heart will have to wait as the Culpatus returns with unexpected allies.

Find out more on AMAZON.

Spirit Snatcher, Book 3 in the Dark Legacy series

She will venture into the enemy’s lair to save the ones she loves.

Sierra is trying to come to terms with the discovery of her family’s dark secrets and master the elements when the Culpatus begins to abduct Guardians from London’s streets.

To find out what the Culpatus has planned and where they’re taking the Guardians, Sierra has to team up with Gavin and confront the reality that her heart still longs for him, even though she’s dating Cooper.

The mission to rescue the Guardians will test Sierra, Gavin, and Cooper like nothing has ever before and take them deep into the lair of the Culpatus.

Will they manage to free their people, or will they end up prisoners themselves?

Available now on AMAZON.

Phoenix Call, Book 4 in the Dark Legacy series

A dark artifact.

A run against time.

A deadly demonic power.

Sierra has decimated her uncle’s generals but not his will. He returns more vicious than ever and is prepared to go to any lengths to obtain power, even if it means the annihilation of the planet.

Three hundred years ago, when the dark lord was defeated, the Phoenix emblem broke into two pieces.

Now, one half of the emblem has surfaced, and Sierra must find a way to destroy it before her uncle steals it.

If she fails and the two emblem parts are united, a great evil will be unleashed and everything she holds dear will be obliterated.

Phoenix Call is the fourth book in the Dark Legacy series. Filled with magic, heartache, and backstabbing, it is a YA Fantasy read that can’t be missed!

If you liked The Mortal Instruments, Vampire Academy, and Vampire Diaries, you’ll love the Dark Legacy series.

Will Sierra stop her uncle in time or fail and pay the ultimate price?

Available now on AMAZON.

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