Tallahassee Writers Conference (TWC)

Last Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend the Tallahassee Writers Conference (TWC). In this post I will highlight my main takeaways and whom I tIMG_1976hink the conference is best suited for.

TWC started at 8:30am and ended at 8pm on Saturday the 22nd of April. Lunch and dinner included a keynote, where authors shared their inspirational success stories.

The presented workshops were equally divided between writing advice and marketing advice.

Perhaps most useful for beginning writers were the introductory workshops on the YA and Mystery genre, as well as a workshop on how to improve writing style.

For those interested in technical aspects the conference covered how to format a self-published book and use Scrivener.

TWC also provided a lot of information on marketing, highlighting that marketing is no longer only relevant for self-published authors but also critical for indie-published and even traditionally published authors. Topics discussed included how to manage time and goals, how to get reviews, and how to make your book stand out.

Thus a wide range of topics was covered making the conference a great event for both beginning and advanced writers.

I attended mostly the marketing workshops and would like to share my top 3 key takeaways.


The importance of reviews:

The best book, blurb, cover and title won’t make up for lack of reviews. Even if your book is free potential customers want to see that it is worth their time. Always ask for reviews and give incentives if possible for readers to leave reviews (e.g. send them a free short story or enter them in a prize draw)

The importance of category:

First, determine what genre your book fits into, and then try to find a niche. It is much harder to be a bestseller in a competitive, general genre, rather than a niche genre.

Think outside the box:

Physical and online bookstores aren’t the only place where you can sell your book. Consider public libraries, cafes and other places, especially if they have something to do with the setting of your book. For example, if your novel takes place in a state park, why not ask the welcome center of said park to carry your book? The worst that can happen is they say no.


Overall, I enjoyed TWC. Due to the wide variety of topics covered, I would recommend this conference to both beginning and advanced writers of all genres.

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