How to fix wrist pain

Those of us that type a lot will most likely encounter wrist pain or strain at one point or another. When writing a detailed outline for one of my books, I found myself typing over 7k for several days. I was proud of the amount of work I had completed but the progress came at a price. My right wrist and finger joints began to ache. Below I’m going to share what has helped me to recover from the pain.

First of all, let me say that I was typing away at an 11 inch MacBook Air. I’ve chosen this particular laptop since it’s small size and light weight made it very portable. Unfortunately its small and thin keyboard forced my wrists into an unnatural position and didn’t provide much support for my joins.

After much research on ergonomic keyboards I’ve decided to purchase Microsoft’s ergonomic keyboard. It is slightly elevated and the keys are split in the middle. Both allows for a more natural wrist position, thus relieving some of the pain. The adjustment time was fairly quick and one month later I’m very happy with my purchase.

However, the first few days after straining my wrist, I needed something to alleviate the pain. Futuro does great wrist supports that doesn’t constrict your movements and still allows you to type comfortably. Futuro products can be purchased at drugstores and supermarkets and can be washed if needed.

While I have tried a few pain alleviating crèmes, I wasn’t too happy with the results. Personally, they didn’t do much for me and I didn’t enjoy the tingle. I also didn’t feel comfortable relying on them long-term.

What made a big difference however was purchasing a hand therapy exercise kit. It came with three balls of different firmness and instructions on how to perform eight simple exercises. I found it easy to integrate those exercises into my daily routine and strengthen my wrists and arm muscles.


If you suffer from wrist pain, don’t ignore your symptoms. Listen to your body and find ways to alleviate the pain. Consider an ergonomic keyboard, wear a temporary wrist brace and strengthen your forearm muscles.

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