True Blood meets Heroes.

My name is Sierra Reeves, and my life is built on lies.

I’m not a regular girl. My telekinetic powers can flip the precarious balance between good and evil.

On the run from those that seek to use me as a weapon, I seek refuge in Savannah under the protection of its magic-bearing marshal Gavin McLoughlin. If anyone can teach me how to stay alive, it’s Gavin, a well-connected supernatural who hums with authority.

Too bad Gavin has no interest in training me. He doesn’t trust me and wants me to stay far away from him and his city.

I can’t. I need him, and I’m driven to him like a moth to the flame.

I don’t care how hard I’ll have to fight to get into his inner circle. I won’t give up. But just as I make the tiniest bit of progress with Mr. Stubborn, corpses sprout like mushrooms all over Savannah. If I’m not careful, I will be next…

Dive into Dark Legacy, the first book in a new YA paranormal series filled with magic, mystery, and romance.

If you enjoyed Shadowhunters, True Blood, and Vampire Diaries, you’ll love this YA urban fantasy!

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Dark Legacy is the first of five books in the Dark Legacy Series.

The series is now complete and all books are available on Amazon.

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