Excerpt: Mirror Sacrifice. Chapter 1. Part 3

Mirror Sacrifice, Book 2 in the Ardere Series, will be available for purchase on Amazon in February.

The three of them perched on a lemon brocade couch, Sierra taking the seat between Cooper and Gavin. She smoothed her hair, noticing this room featured dainty columns in the corners. On them stood porcelain vases filled with pale pink ranunculus blossoms. A majestic Murano glass chandelier hung from the center of the ceiling.

Gavin squeezed her hand. His touch took her by surprise. Grateful for the first reassuring gesture since their journey, she smiled at him. Perhaps she had judged him too harshly, and his distance had nothing to do with her, but with his upcoming mission.

With a clicking noise, the door at the opposite end of the room opened. Gavin let go of her hand as a tall and slender woman, clad in a lilac suit, glided toward them—Lady Lorna Windsor.

Sierra’s breath hitched as her senses screamed: Charmer. She wasn’t too fond of the Ardere faction after the last Charmer she had met—Maxim—had turned out to be a madman and serial killer. He had inflicted terrifying illusions on her and chocked her, and she was still recovering from his viciousness.

But even before the incident, she hadn’t felt at ease around Charmers with their uncanny ability to enter dreams, create illusions, and manipulate the minds of other supernaturals.

Lorna’s aura commanded an inexplicable reverence. Extreme power and vitality wafted from the fifty-something Charmer, making it clear she was the one in charge. Whether that was a natural reflection of her power level or enhanced with an illusion, Sierra didn’t know. Either way, she found herself rising with Gavin and Cooper and then curtsying, as if she had grown up in a castle and not in a small American town. Lorna slid into the armchair facing them, crossed her ankles, and clasped her hands together in her lap. Blow-dried, platinum hair streaked with silvery highlights framed her oval face. Teardrop, diamond solitaires hung from her earlobes.

“Gavin, Cooper, welcome. It’s a pleasure to see you both again, especially united.” Lorna’s steel gray eyes swiped from one man to the other, as if she could see right through them. Then her focus shifted to Sierra. “And you must be Sierra Reeves, the Fluidus.”

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